For the last nineteen months now, I’ve been running the projector at my church. We’re a small growing church, and we were using Power Point for all of our presentation needs.

If you have any experience with Power Point, you know the challenges faced by trying to queue up and navigate between multiple presentations, and manage them. Especially when you forget to “escape” and exit out from one slide show, and start a second. Or a third. It’s amazing how quickly things can degrade when that happens…

So I was thrilled when we decided it was time to finally purchase an Easy Worship license!

And I was even more thrilled when I actually got to use Easy Worship in our services last Sunday! Even though we are still using individual Power Point presentations for our songs (baby steps!), the ability to simply “go live” on the next item in the schedule took so much pressure off.

I’ll be blogging more about Easy Worship as I begin to leverage it more and more, and our little church continues to embrace technology and move forward.