I upgraded 2 months ago from a Motorola Droid X2 to a (used) Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and I am disappointed.


I love the large screen. I love the fact I am running Android without all of the bloatware. I love the camera. And on a Wi-Fi connection it is an amazing device to use.

The 4G used the battery up a lot faster than I liked, but I was loving the 4G for those few times I use it as a hot spot, so I wasn’t complaining.

But it was the recent trip my wife and I took that really soured me on the phone (and Android phones in general somewhat to be truthful). She has an iPhone 4, and we are both on Verizon. I turned off 4G, Wi-Fi, GPS (enabling only as needed), and bluetooth on my phone, and left everything enabled on hers (except for bluetooth) for the entire trip.

I had to recharge my phone four times in a 24 hour period, and she recharged her’s once in a 36 hour period. One application that I had running, that she didn’t, was Dropbox so it would upload my camera pics (but that was set to use Wi-Fi only).

I did use my phone to navigate while driving the previous day, and Google Maps crashed 4 or 5 times on me, on 3 different trips, and once I had to pull over and wait for the phone to reboot, before I could successfully re-launch it. But that’s not what is pushing me towards the edge with Android phones.

So why am I souring on Android, after being a proponent since I owned the Original Droid? It’s because every phone I’ve ever had after the Original Droid, has not lived up to the same level of expectation for me – and that is to simply work.

I’m to the point with all of these new phones and the carrier bloatware, that I might consider going back to just a basic phone (or even a CB radio!), a dedicated camera, and a dedicated GPS device.

Or I might just upgrade to an iPhone…