Mind Mapping

I love mind maps! They are such a natural way to capture ideas and thoughts, and it engages not only the analytical but the creative parts of your brain.

I started out drawing my mind maps on paper, but quickly moved on to Free Mind (upgrading to a 23″ monitor helped fuel that transition), and have been hooked on creating my mind maps digitally ever since.

I then started using Mind Meister as I liked the idea of being able to work on my mind maps on either of my PC’s as well as my iPad. And I love Mind Meister, but I have recently outgrown the number of maps the basic account allows, even with the bonus maps awarded with referrals.

I’ve since moved back to Free Mind for my personal mapping needs. The two big advantages are unlimited mind maps, and the ability to link to local documents. And being free is a nice bonus.

If you mind map, please comment, and let me know what program you use and why.


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