It’s been just over 2 months since I last wrote about my Mountain Dew addiction (see my previous blog post). I am glad to report that I am still Mountain Dew free, and have only had the urge to “do the dew” once or twice since then. And those urges were short lived, and revolved around old behavior patterns that I developed as a teenager.


I used to get extremely bad tension headaches, probably borderline migraine if the truth were told, and my “cure” was to power chug one sometimes two 12 ounce cans of Mountain Dew and take two Anacin 3. And over the years, it became a habit, and stress relief became synonymous with drinking Mountain Dew, be it a 12 ounce can, a 16 ounce bottle, and eventually a 20 ounce bottle. And I am ashamed to admit, there were days when I was known to drink whole 2 liter bottle by myself!

verve_sf-r_1I have to say, I do feel better overall. My coffee intake has not spiked either, surprisingly. In fact, it has decreased! I am only drinking one, maybe two cups of coffee. And often that second cup is a “social” cup as I sit and talk to my wife in the morning.

I am still drinking a Verve, but not daily. I’m down to 5 a week. And on those days I do not drink a Verve, I am taking a full 2 ounce dose of the Vemma vitamin and mineral supplements.