I first wrote about the Kindle Fire HD here, and after using and abusing it for a few weeks, I thought I’d give an update.

I still like the unit a lot, with two caveats. The first is I really dislike the power and volume buttons. It’s hard for my fat calloused fingers to find them quickly. The second thing I don’t like it the location of the mini-USB charging jack. It’s just in an awkward location if you actually want to use the tablet while it is charging.

Otherwise, it’s still a solid tablet. A MoKo slim fit cover resolved my power button issue, as the wake/sleep function works beautifully. I haven’t watched too many Prime videos on it yet, but the few I have, streamed beautifully. But I really appreciate the tight integration into Amazon, and have actually surprised myself and enjoyed some of the book recommendations that have come up under my titles on the carousel.

I still wouldn’t want to replace my iPad or Nexus 7 with it, as it is limited by what is available on the Amazon App Store. But as an upgrade to an older Kindle, or as a gift for your mom or a child, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending it, as it is so user friendly.