I love Android. I admit I still miss my original Motorola Droid, and I almost bought a Droid 4 this weekend. But I just couldn’t bring myself to purchase one, as I didn’t want to deal with all of Verizon’s bloatware. And nothing else in the recent Android lineup was doing anything for me. It seems like that everything that was hot hardware wise was crippled by “improved” user interfaces or carrier bloatware, and the rest of the phones appeared to be a fairly mixed bag of compromises that gave birth to mediocre phones.

I had more or less decided I wasn’t buying a Samsung device, as I wasn’t impressed with my Galaxy Nexus, nor with my oldest sons Galaxy Siii. Seemed they were both battery hogs. I was really interested in the HTC One, but I wasn’t sure I would like the Blinkfeed, especially since you can’t completely disable it. Plus my previous experiences with HTC phones left me less than impressed. And then there was the LG G2, the Droid Ultra, the Droid Mini, and the Moto X. Of them all, I liked the Moto X best, yet of all the reviews I read, none of these phones made me say “wow”.

And then I got thinking back to my family’s vacation in Gatlinburg, with my extremely lackluster experience with my Android phone, and how stellar of an experience my wife’s iPhone 4 delivered. So I went online and started looking at the iPhone reviews. It didn’t seem to me that the 5s justified the price premium over the 5c, for what I wanted my phone for. Phone calls, text messages, photos, GPS based navigation, and note capturing (Evernote). But the 4s could do all that too, for 99 cents right now. And I was really tempted, but the 3.5″ screen held me back. But I could live with a 4″ screen, so what if I got the 5c or 5? Verizon was offering them both for $99.00 so which one? For the same price I may as well as spring for the 5c though I still liked the 5 better, and spec wise the are so close. Hmmm. Decisions decisions.

Then strolling through the local Walmart what do I see?! A 3″ x 5″ piece of paper taped to the side of the phone kiosk area, stating the iPhone 5 with 16 gig was on sale for $79.00! I asked the clerk if they had any left in stock. She said yes, white and black. I said give me a white one!

And so, I am now an iOS user. Google, if you’re listening, you need step your game up. Android is amazing, but what good is it if your partners can’t deliver a platform that is compelling? I understand all the players in the Android market needs to differentiate themselves from each other. But I want an operating system on a hardware platform that can deliver the basics reliably day in and day out. And lately, it seems the Android environment just doesn’t deliver that.