After using the iPhone 5 and iOS for a few weeks, I decided I’d share my thoughts on them.

I love the iPhone for the most part. It just works. No weird glitches, no random lock ups, no random reboots. Smooth and functional.

I really appreciate the fact that the camera app just works. And it seems to load faster than it ever did on Android.

The battery life is excellent! Most days I still have 40 plus percent battery life left after 16 or 17 hours of typical use.

I do miss Swype and I am surprised that Apple still hasn’t incorporated something like it into iOS.

I like that Apple gives me a single inbox for my email, and I don’t need to use 2 different apps to check both my Gmail and my Exchange accounts.

I don’t like the native task application, it makes Google’s Tasks seem full featured, so I continue to use gTasks for task management on iOS.

While the Google map app works great, and gets the job done, I do like the Android based version better.

I don’t like that iOS limits the amount of time an app can run in the background. I use Dropbox, and with Android, loved the fact I could let it upload my pictures in the background, and in short order everything was synced to my PC. With iOS, this takes FOREVER it seems, as the uploads are always stopping. I’ve actually taken a step backwards and use a USB connection now to transfer pictures off my phone.

I also miss Android’s widgets, as well as Android’s ability to place my application tiles where I want them. Although I can appreciate the simplicity offered by iOS.

I like the new Lightning cable, though it wouldn’t have bothered me if Apple used a micro USB connector.

Siri. The vote is still out. I enjoy the novelty of Siri’s interactiveness, but more than once Siri has comeback with a “I’m sorry, try again later” type of message, and Google Search has worked fine. Same search, same ambient notice level, both searches done back to back.

Overall I’m still pleased with my decision to purchase an iPhone. Is it perfect? No. Is it better than Android? In some ways. And in others it isn’t. However, I think what gives iOS devices the edge here, is the overall polished completeness and functionality offered.