I know I haven’t posted in a few weeks, and I apologize, but my free time lately has been almost non-existent between family obligations as we enter the holiday season, church, and work.

Speaking of church, I have been working on an updated site for my church in what free time I do have, and wanted to get some feedback on what I’ve been doing. Please take a look at The Cross Community.

I also have been debating what I’m going to do about task management, as I am very disappointed in how quirky my tasks have been syncing between my Exchange account and the native iOS Reminders application. I was very hopeful it was going to work out and eliminate the need for any middleware. So far, I’m not thrilled with the mixed reviews on the third party applications to manage Exchange Tasks under iOS, and am hesitant to spend money on applications I may not like. So I may be re-installing gSyncit and gTasks on the iPad.

I’ve also found that my reading time has been sorely lacking of late, and have been enjoying listening to audio books. So much so, I signed up for an Audible subscription.