It’s been three months since I’ve last posted about my Mountain Dew addiction (see here). I’m proud to say I am still Mountain Dew free! And I have also completely given up any and all types of soda!

I admittedly still drink coffee (with milk and sugar) several times a week. I also break down and buy diet green tea once or twice a week. Otherwise, I am drinking unsweet tea if and when we go out, hot tea (no milk or sugar lol), and water. Lots of water. Four or five quarts a day.

I feel SO much better now! And I accidentally took a sip of diet Coke, and almost choked – I couldn’t believe just how horrible it tasted!

My next goal is to completely eliminate the occasional “diet green tea” I buy when I’m feeling weak, but this should be an easy goal to accomplish in comparison as I’ve already cut back from four or five a week to one or two.