This is post #2 in my transition off of Cable TV.

As I transition off of Cable TV, I first tested using the Xbox 360 to deliver media. xbox360While not the cheapest option available due to its recurring fees for the Live subscription, the system was already in the living room, and attached to the big screen TV, so it just seemed like the natural place to start.

So I installed Netflix, Amazon Video, Internet Explorer, linked my You Tube account so I could view my subscriptions and playlists, Fox News, Animal
Planet, History Channel, and A&E to get me started.

Overall, it works well. My children were already very familiar with the system, due to their gaming experiences. My learning curve wasn’t too bad as I wasn’t a complete Xbox neophyte. However, my wife who wasn’t familiar with the system at all, was quite lost.

My only complaints are I wish signing into Live was quicker, and the cost of Live seems high, considering I’m not using Microsoft’s servers for gaming.