I have been using Notability on the iPhone and the iPad for my daily  journal. And I love it, and have zero complaints about the application, except it’s iOS only, so I can’t use it to journal if I’m at my PC.

Then I noticed that I was developing “tablet thumb” from holding the iPad so much, as my use of the tablet has skyrocketed this year. To rectify the thumb fatigue, I took back my Nexus 7 from my child, and have been using it for my “work” tablet, and relegated the iPad into more of a media consumption role.

While this alleviated the issues with my thumb, it was hampering my efforts at journaling even more so, so I started looking for a solution. And I am ashamed to admit the solution was so obvious it was painful.

One Note.

Yes, Microsoft One Note.

I tried using Evernote, but it just didn’t float my boat, as I felt it’s text  formatting could be better. But Evernote excels as my reference and archive system, so that’s OK.

Then it crossed my lightning fast mind that One Note was already installed on my PC side by side with Evernote, and I could load it on my iPhone, iPad, and Nexus 7, as well as being accessible through a web browser, giving me a true cross platform journaling system.

So far, One Note is working really well for me as my journaling system. Now I just need to figure out the best way to get my journal entries from Notability and into One Note.