As much as I try it seems that I just can’t get away from paper notes.

There is something so natural in picking up a pen or a pencil to jot a quick note. Not to mention that it’s usually faster too. Flip to a clean page in the Day Runner, grab the pen, and jot it down. All that takes is what? Ten seconds max? If I used the tablet or smartphone, I have to pick it up, unlock the screen, open the application, and type. And hope that the auto correct doesn’t completely butcher what I typed,  to where I can’t figure it out when I actually review it.

I’ll admit I’ve always been a Day Runner kind of guy. Even after I got my first PDA, and later the various smart phones, I’ve always kept my Day Runner. I have modified my work flow however, over the years. While I may use paper now for the initial capture of a task or an idea, or some new information, I now transfer any and all information, tasks, and ideas into Outlook, OneNote, or Evernote.

I have a serious love / hate relationship with Outlook, but still use it for calendering and task management. Mainly because of OneNote.

OneNote is used for active projects, because of its tight integration into Outlook. It’s so easy to get an email into OneNote, or create a project plan with nested steps, and generate a task that populates into Outlook, and then syncs to all my devices. Plus I just like the text editor i n OneNote better than Evernote’s. And I prefer OneNote’s notebook like organization, as it mimics my Day Runner.

I use Evernote strictly as an archival system. Being able to search on multiple tags is awesome. And I prefer how Evernote handles .PDF files.

I also use the Day Runner as a portable filing system when I’m away from my desk. I use it for handouts, ticket stubs, receipts, business cards, and anything else I need. Call me old school…