As some of you may already know, I’m attending the Global Leadership Summit later this week (see for more details), and I got to talking to someone about note taking, and the advantageous and disadvantageous of paper vs taking notes directly into OneNote or Evernote. And that really got me to thinking about the upcoming summit, as I do both at work… So I did a web search on the subject, and I’ll be sharing via my twitter feed (see side panel on this blog) those links I found interesting and thought provoking on the subject over the course of the next week or two.

Please understand, that I work virtually via a company provided (and secured) laptop on a secure VPN connection (ie; no local LAN access). And while I use my Day Runner for the quick notes during the course of the day, I do use OneNote for all my digital note taking and archival needs at work (because it’s what I can use), and I love OneNote as far as it goes. And if I’m taking meeting notes for myself, and especially meeting minutes at work, I will use OneNote to type the notes into, as I can insert any PowerPoint slides, or .PDF files, that are handed out or shared online, and within minutes of the meeting ending, I can distribute the notes to the rest of the attendees. But that is on a PC with a full sized keyboard, and dual 23″ monitors, and the process is fairly painless.

So I struggled with should I stick with my original plan of just taking the Day Runner, and then transcribing my notes into a digital format? Or should I try to use OneNote or Evernote on the iPad, with a blue tooth keyboard? Or try the best of both worlds, and use an app such as Notability, or Penultimate, and buy a fine point stylus? Or one of those devices, that digitize your pen strokes as you write on the paper pad?

In the end I decided that since there are eight sessions over two days, I will have ample opportunity to try taking notes any which way I want to try, and I would try first using Evernote, then OneNote on the iPad, and leverage the Bluetooth keyboard. But the Day Runner will be present in case it just doesn’t work out for me.