I just wanted to share with you my experiences with note taking at the recent Global Leadership Summit.

I had originally decided I was going to limit my note taking to Evernote (and if Evernote let me down then I was going back to my trusted standby, OneNote) with the iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard. I also brought the Day Runner as a back up. At the last minute I threw the Nexus 7 in my bag as well, though it doesn’t play well with my cheap eBay keyboard at all.

So I settled into a seat at the Summit, set up the iPad and the keyboard, opened Evernote, and… And I never had to resort to OneNote or paper. I lived in Evernote both days, and I was impressed.

Prior to the conference, I had created a separate note for each speaker, with links to their websites, Twitter, TED Talks, etc. Then as the day progressed, and I was typing my notes, I was also inserting pictures and tweets, and found Evernote was serving me so well, I never even resorted to OneNote.

I use OneNote daily at work, and prefer OneNote’s user interface and notebook like structure, but this was my first real attempt at using Evernote for much more than an archival system. Yes I had used it for some limited note taking, but it was more of a glorified sticky note the way I was using it for notes.

I will admit the cheap bluetooth keyboard was frustrating at times. In fact by the last half of day two, I had given up on the physical keyboard, and resorted to the onscreen keyboard. I almost dumped the iPad at this point as well, and was going to use the Nexus 7 for the Google Keyboard and the gesture typing. But for some reason, I stuck it out with the iPad.

Overall, I think Evernote performed well, and exceeded my expectations for capturing notes at the Summit.

I also want to mention, that just looking around the conference room, it seemed to be fairly evenly spilt between people using tablets versus those using pen and paper, and note/net/ultrabook users were severely outnumbered.