I used the iPad 2 at the Global Leadership Summit for my note taking. And it worked. But between iOS7 updates, heavy use, and a cracked screen, it’s just not what it used to be. Plus, I have to admit that it IS a heavy tablet, and I actually do experience thumb fatigue from holding it. I love my Nexus 7, but it too is showing signs of heavy use, and it could use a new battery and USB port. So now I find myself wanting a new tablet. But I find I can be just as productive on the 7″ screen, so unless I’m planning to use the new tablet as a laptop replacement, screen size is of secondary concern to me in this decision.

And I’ll be honest, I’ve tried to create a workflow that is device independent, so all of my must have apps and their cloud based data exist on iOS, Android, and Windows.

I like iOS, I always have. The pricing just pains me.

I’d love to try a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, but I can’t justify that much money for a hybrid tablet, when I can buy a full blown low end laptop with a 15″ screen for a third of the price, and do everything I do on the tablet.

When my son needed a new tablet to replace his Nexus 7 for school, he decided he wanted the Samsung Tab 4 (7″ model), as he loves his SIII. And he says quite forcefully that he is displeased with the Tab 4. So I decided to try it, and after a week, of using the Tab 4, and having used Android since the original Droid phone came out, I have to say, that I too am not loving all of the Samsung “enhancements” to Android. I guess I’m a purist at heart.

So do I take the plunge, and buy a Windows tablet? The low end 8″ tablets are in the same price range as a new Nexus 7. But I have to admit I am leery, since those are the low end of the spectrum.

Do I go for an iPad Mini? Or go whole hog and get an iPad Air?

Do I buy another Nexus 7? Or wait and see if Google will update the Nexus 10 anytime soon?

Decisions, decisions!