In an effort to go all “Dave Ramsey” on my budget again, I recently decided to let my vanity domain expire, which meant that I wouldn’t be using Exchange anymore either, and my primary email address would no longer be valid.  Which was OK, since I had planned to migrate everything back towards a more Google-centric experience, and use my gmail address as my primary email address.

As I was in the process of changing my email address everywhere, I stumbled into a problem with Evernote.  Apparently, I had an account linked to my soon to be discontinued email address, as well as an account linked to my gmail account.

Evernote would let me de-activate the second account, but the gmail address would still be associated with it, so I wouldn’t be able to use it with my first Evernote account.  I could have exported the first account, and imported it into the second account, but then I would need to redo the billing info, etc as well.

So what I did was simply change the email address on the second, unwanted Evernote account to a “throw away” email address, and confirmed the change.  This then “freed” my gmail address, and I was able to simply change my email address to the gmail account, on the Evernote account I wanted to keep.