With the retirement of my vanity domain, and giving up my personal Exchange account, came some severe workflow angst, until I stopped and really thought things through.

I have to admit, I am missing Exchange Tasks.  And going Dave Ramsey on the budget, I wasn’t going to subscribe to another service.  So that left me with Google Tasks and iOS Reminders as my main alternatives. I looked at Remember the Milk, Todoist, Wunderlist, 24me, etc, but either the freemium version was too limited, or I just wasn’t comfortable with them for one reason or another.

Google Tasks has worked well for me in the past, if used within its respective limitations, such as the inability to schedule recurring tasks (ie; take out the trash every Thursday), and that to categorize tasks you have to use separate lists.  iOS Reminders is slightly better, in that I can at least create recurring tasks, though categorizing still requires multiple task lists.

To complicate matters, while I still have my desktop running Windows 8.1, I also acquired a Dell Inspirion laptop, running Ubuntu 15, and I wanted my new work flow to be compatible across Windows, Ubuntu, and iOS if possible.  What about Android?  I don’t really do task management on the tablet, so Android wasn’t a consideration as I reviewed my work flow.

So I decided to migrate my task management completely to Reminders.  That way, I could continue to manage my tasks on the iPhone, I could leverage Siri better, and I kept the ability to create recurring events.  Plus, I if I was working at the desktop, or from the laptop, I could log into iCloud, to perform task management.

It feels good to have my task lists back under control!