A huge step in embracing simplicity for me, was purging “stuff”. The fact that I was also moving helped motivate me.

I rented a 15 cubic yard driveway dumpster, and filled it. I was totally absolutely amazed that it only took my six hours!

dumpster 1

So I ordered a second one and filled it in less than five hours!

dumpster 2

I have to admit it was VERY freeing to actually throw out all of that “stuff”. And that’s all it was, just stuff. Stuff I was saving to haul off. Stuff I was saving to fix. Stuff I was saving as I may have needed it someday in the future. Stuff I was saving because I used to have an emotional attachment to it. I never realized the impact that “stuff” could have on my well being. It felt SO good to just let it all go.

It still feels great to have less clutter both inside and outside my home. It is more comfortable. It is easier to clean. It is easier to organize. I have a better idea of what I have. It is amazing that to me that I let so much “stuff” simply accumulate! I totally understand why people embrace minimalism now!