“If This Then That”. I love this service, and wish I had embraced it sooner! Believe it or not, my Amazon Echo Dots are what drive me to look into IFTTT.  I like my Echo Dots. A lot. Besides the usual play my music, what’s the weather, tell me a joke, and simple home automation type of stuff, I actually use them to generate to-do’s and add items to my shopping list. The problem was, I use Reminders on my iOS devices, and I didn’t want to copy and paste everything between apps.

Why don’t I use Siri and just add things directly into Reminders? Good question! And the answer is because I don’t always carry my phone with me everywhere in the house (I can hear some of you gasping in shock!), and other family members use the Dots as well. For example, my daughter can tell Alexa to add Pop Tarts to the shopping list. If and when I upgrade to a HomePod, or multiple HomePods, perhaps Siri will be preferred the AI Assistant that I use full time, but until then, I will continue to leverage Alexa, and IFTTT, in conjunction with Siri.

So how does IFTTT fit into all of this? I leverage IFTTT to perform the drudgery of copying the list items automatically for me! I use this applet to copy my Alexa to-do’s to iOS Reminders.  And I use this applet to add Alexa generated shopping list items specifically to my “Shopping” list on iOS Reminders. Unfortunately, I still need to manually clear the items out of the Alexa lists, but I simply purge the lists at the end of the week when I perform my weekly review (yes, I still am a fan of “Getting Things Done”!).