Getting My Google Calendars Onto The iPhone

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I know this is an older post, but it’s still applicable today. In fact, I had to share this with a friend recently, so thought it would be worthwhile to re-share it here as well.


I recently had to create a calendar, to share with a few other people.  I didn’t want to give them access to my main Google Calendar, and I wanted it to be visible from a mobile device (iPhones in this particular case, and it just so happened that all involved had an iPhone 5, 5C, or 5S).  So I created the calendar in Google, and then tried to view it in the native calendar app  on my iPhone, and couldn’t add it to the view on my phone.  I even tried deleting and re-adding my Google account, with no success.

After much hair pulling and a fair number of Google searches, I stumbled across this link:

Then all I had to do was select the additional calendar I had just created, and save my changes…



… and then I was able to view my new calendar on my iPhone.



Purging Stuff

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A huge step in embracing simplicity for me, was purging “stuff”. The fact that I was also moving helped motivate me.

I rented a 15 cubic yard driveway dumpster, and filled it. I was totally absolutely amazed that it only took my six hours!

dumpster 1

So I ordered a second one and filled it in less than five hours!

dumpster 2

I have to admit it was VERY freeing to actually throw out all of that “stuff”. And that’s all it was, just stuff. Stuff I was saving to haul off. Stuff I was saving to fix. Stuff I was saving as I may have needed it someday in the future. Stuff I was saving because I used to have an emotional attachment to it. I never realized the impact that “stuff” could have on my well being. It felt SO good to just let it all go.

It still feels great to have less clutter both inside and outside my home. It is more comfortable. It is easier to clean. It is easier to organize. I have a better idea of what I have. It is amazing that to me that I let so much “stuff” simply accumulate! I totally understand why people embrace minimalism now!

Microsoft Free

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One of the first things I focused on, as I embraced simplifying my life, was finances, since money or the lack thereof, can be a huge source of stress.

I began by implementing the Dave Ramsey Debt Snowball. And one of the first things I looked at, was recurring monthly charges I could eliminate to roll those fees into the monthly snowball. With that goal in mind, some “low hanging fruit” that was easily picked, was my Amazon Prime membership and my Office 365 subscription.

Amazon Prime subscription: I don’t need free two day shipping. If I need something that bad, I buy it locally. I use Pandora (non subscription) and iTunes, so Prime Music never entered the equation. And I use Netflix for my video streaming, so Amazon Video added no value either. It was a no brainer, cancelled.

Microsoft Office 365: I hadn’t been happy with Microsoft lately, and I really don’t like the Office web experience, so this one took some planning as I had purposefully transitioned my work flow from an online experience using Google and Evernote to a PC desktop based experience using Microsoft Office 2016.

I never stopped using Gmail, so jumping from Outlook back to web based Gmail was not a big deal. Using Google Calendar again was not a problem. Google Docs is more than adequate for my spreadsheet and document creation needs. Google Keep just isn’t heavy duty enough for my note taking and archiving needs, so I had to look at Evernote again. I was afraid my biggest hurdle in freeing myself of Microsoft was going to be moving all of my notes from OneNote to Evernote, but it wasn’t. The Evernote import tool made the process very painless.

I did renew my subscription to Evernote, at $70 a year, so it’s not a huge savings over Office 365. However, every bit adds up, and I happily rolled the difference into my debt snowball.

And from a performance perspective, I am happy with the move back to Google and Evernote. Both services work on my iPhone, my iPad, and my laptop (which began to perform slowly when running Office after the constant barrage of Windows Updates it has experienced, but performs more than adequately when working strictly in Chrome).



Wow, It’s Been A While

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Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged.

Life had gotten crazy, and I needed to work on me, and my kids. As part of that process, I’ve done a lot of purging in my life, of negativity, drama, clutter, and overall just busyness.

And as a part of the simplification process, I have embraced automating certain aspects of my life. Like email, list management, and more. As I go forward with this new chapter in my life, I am going to share what I have done. Hopefully, you’ll find value in it, and be able to apply it to your own life.

Heed the Lessons of Failure

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It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure. — Bill Gates

Rudeness is…

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“Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.”

– Eric Hoffer

Celebrate Any Progress

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“Celebrate any progress. Don’t wait for perfection.” – Ann McGee Cooper

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